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Graphic dresses

The trend today is to look to fashions past. And so we’re taking a peek around the 1970s 70 with the graphic dress from 1-2-3.com.

Graphic dresses tend to be shorted pieces with at least three colours. They often have a round neck and short sleeves. But graphic dresses today don’t necessarily have to be worn short. In fact, you can find a stunning longer on 1-2-3.com. This version, and these stunning graphic patterns are wonderful for more petite ladies who would like to appear taller particularly when worn with heels. You’ll easily add a couple of centimetres.

As for colours, a graphic dress allows to wear several colours together. What do you think of a mixture of grey, blue and black? Or white, red and black?

You absolutely have to have a graphic dress in your wardrobe, right? Visit 1-2-3.com and make your choice today!

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Buy your graphic dress from1-2-3.fr. Whether you want the long or short version, and whatever colours you like you’ll find it on 1.2.3.fr. With a graphic dress from us, you're sure to revisit 70s fashion in style!